Training New Employees

Today we bring you our fourth installment in our series on improving customer service through your employees.

Here we offer you a few detailed ideas on training your employees.

 Personalize the Training Process All of your employees are different, so you should be training them all differently.

After going through the normal company training program, ask your employee what he feels are his strengths and weaknesses in doing his job. Every so often find tasks and projects for that employee that will allow him to work on his weaknesses and begin turning them into strengths. Eventually you will create an employee that can handle anything the office throws at him.

 Teach each other Your employees grow everyday they are on the job, so why not use the experiences they have on a daily basis to train the other employees in your office.

Determine a specific day and time during the week for employee training. Each week ask one employee to teach everyone else something new they’ve learned on the job during the past week. Not only will your employees learn from each other, but they will focus on learning new things in case they are called on to teach the next week.

You should attend these meetings yourself as well. Besides learning something new, you will be made aware of what your employees encounter on a day-to-day basis, which will bring to light other areas where they may need training.

 Get out of their way Once an employee knows what he is responsible for he needs the opportunity to learn for himself how to do his job. Experience, after all, is the best teacher. Give him ownership of his responsibilities and allow him to make and then learn from his mistakes. He will in essence train himself, and through what he’s learned will train others.

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