Flex Work Schedules

I came across an article about an interesting study released by Mom Corps on work schedule preferences.  After polling more than 1,000 workers, the study showed that approximately 2 in 5 people are willing to sacrifice pay for a more flexible work schedule.

The study also showed that the 18-34 age group is three times more likely to give up more than 10 percent of their salary for increased flexibility in the schedules.   This statistic is very telling of the younger workforce, as they are actively looking for companies who are willing to provide flexible work schedules.

The problem we have is that within the insurance industry, flexible scheduling is a bit more difficult.   Clients are accustomed to working with offices during regular business hours.  However, the data shows that if you want to keep talented employees, you have to creatively find a way for that to work with the flexible scheduling.

Here are a few ideas I had in regards to flex scheduling that I think could work with insurance offices:

  1. Allow employees to take longer lunches to go to the gym or exercise (Nike is famous for doing this) as long as they stay later at the office to make up for the time.
  2. Allow employees to work from home 1 day a week.
  3. Do four 10 hour workdays, and stagger them so that you always have some employees at the office.