Web Design

It’s not good enough to just have a website anymore. Your agency’s website must have a purpose, engage visitors, establish trust, and create leads.

For your website to be effective, it must include the following:

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We often see well-designed sites for insurance agencies that don’t have a purpose. Your site should be built around what you want your visitors to do once they’re on your site.

For example, do you want them to submit their information for a quote? Or do you want them to contact your office?

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A poorly designed site will actually drive leads away from your agency. You have less than 3 seconds for a consumer to determine whether or not they like your site and want to find out more about your insurance agency. So if you don’t grab their attention, you will immediately lose any potential leads.

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Colors play a larger role than many think on a website. Each color has certain associations, and your use of those colors will either reaffirm your content’s message or contradict it.[/toggle][/one_half]
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While your site’s design, colors, and pictures will at least keep people from clicking away from your site, your content will actually keep people there to show your expertise.

Content must be carefully crafted, especially on insurance websites. Too much information and you lose your visitor. Too little and you won’t engage your visitor or appear on the search engines.

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Almost 50% of people are now performing web searches from their smartphones. Is your website optimized to viewed on a smartphone or do people have to scroll left and right or zoom in on the content?

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Does your insurance agency’s site use clear, strong words to influence your visitors to take action? Without strong calls-to-action, your site will inevitably lose visitors because they don’t know what they need to do next.


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