Value Marketing

The internet has changed insurance sales. Gone are the days of simply selling a policy and allowing it to renew year after year.  

Online quoting and competition from direct writers have changed consumer behavior and forced successful agencies to change their mindset. They have turned to Value Marketing. 

Value Marketing enlightens, educates, and consistently “wow’s” customers and prospects. It is an approach where products and services are secondary to the needs of your customer.

Done correctly, value marketing will differentiate your agency, drive customer retention, and increase new business revenue.

 To do so effectively, all client interaction must:

    • Deliver insightful, creative, and unique information.
    • Provide expertise on topics outside of insurance.
    • Share Industry Insight.
    • Eliminate buyer’s remorse and engage customers.
    • Brand the agency as an industry leader without being pushy or aggressive.

Goma Marketing’s revolutionary system will transform your agency and client interaction through carefully crafted emails, ebooks, videos, whitepapers, and landing pages.

Our content educates, informs, and engages your clients first, and sells second.  This transitions your customers’ and prospects’ focus away from premiums and back to the value you provide as their insurance agent.

The best part is this entire process is done automatically with minimal effort on your end.