The Right Content At The Right Time

As your insurance agency looks to attract leads and prospects through its website, it’s important to remember that you should create content for your leads to fit their specific stage of the buying process.  All too often companies create content to specifically attract brand new leads, but they forget about those customers that are past that stage and now want to interact with your brand.   (Oh don’t worry we here at Goma are guilty on this part as well.  Creating content for the various stages of the buying process requires significant work and dedication.)

According to Hubspot, buyers on your website fall into 3 categories:

  • Awareness – Visitors who are just becoming familiar with your brand.
  • Evaluation – Visitors to your site who are now considering your company as a viable option.
  • Purchase – Visitors who are now ready to buy from company.

In fact, Hubspot has put together a visual aide to show which type of content works best for each visitor in their respective stage.

How Can I Implement This Into My Insurance Agency?

So the real question is what type of content should my insurance agency use to attract and engage consumers in each stage of the process?

Phase 1: Awareness

For site visitors in the awareness stage, there are a number great content and topic ideas you can infuse into your website or blog.  The most important thing is to keep the content general in nature while still persuading the visitor to engage with your content.

We have found that ebook and whitepapers on the following types of topics have worked the best:

  • Premium-Saving Tricks
  • Coverage Tips
  • Risk Management Guides
  • Coverage Checklists

Phase 2: Evaluation

Visitors in the evaluation phase have decided your company is trustworthy and reputable, but they want to see if you handle their specific needs.   This phase is crucial because the content your visitors find here will most likely determine whether or not the consumer wants to work with your agency.

Here’s the content we recommend for the evaluation phase:

  • Client Testimonials
  • Client Case Studies
  • Recommendation Videos
  • Coverage Audits

(As you can see here, the recurring theme for insurance agencies is to have clients now do the talking for you in this phase.)

Phase 3: Purchase

For visitors in the purchase phase, they are now ready to request a quote from your agency.   Hubspot recommends free trials and live demonstrations in this phase, but neither one of those work very well in the insurance industry.  (We do like the thought of a live demonstration of liability coverage by slipping in front a client or property coverage by starting a fire, though.)

For consumers in the purchase phase we recommend the following:

  • A clear call-to-action to get a quote
  • Blog postings outlining sample costs of coverages