Teamwork Part 2

On Tuesday, we discussed the importance of Teamwork within a company.  Today, I just wanted to include a few suggestions on how you can improve teamwork within your company:

  • It’s who you hire.   In the book “Good to Great” the number one factor the authors attribute to a company’s success is the type of people the company hired.  When companies hire individuals who work care more about the success of the company then their own accolades, then their chances of success skyrocket.
  • Create a culture of teamwork.   This starts from the top.   If the owners, executives, and managers are willing to go out of their way to help others, then it will trickle down to everyone else.
  • Do not allow any negativity.  Nothing sucks the energy out of an office quicker than a negative attitude.
  • It’s who you hire.  (Worth mentioning again because of its importance.)
  • Create a clear vision for the company with outlined goals.   If the company knows what it is striving towards, there is a much higher chance the employees will buy into working together as a team.
  • Group Incentives.   Put together incentive plans where all employees are working towards one common goal.  You can make it anything you want, but try to make it something that is going to require your employees to work together as a team.
  • Do things together outside the office as a group.   If you’re a small business this should be a no-brainer.   People like working with their friends, and the best way to create this kind of atmosphere is to put everyone together in an atmosphere where they don’t have to necessarily focus on work.
  • It’s who you hire.  Did I say that one already?