Seeing the Big Picture

Earlier in the week we shared a post with you about steps you can take to improve your company’s customer service reputation.

We followed that up yesterday with a post about Hiring the Right Employees.

Today is our third part of our series on improving customer service through your employees.

Here now are a few detailed ideas you can put into action when trying to help your employees see the big picture.

1. Work with, not for– I don’t like saying someone works for me. I prefer saying they work with me. By saying some one works with you, you create a partnership in your workspace. When working with someone you share ideas, ask for opinions, and feed off of each other as you create products and solve problems.

 As your employees work with you they will experience firsthand how the company approaches problems, and will in turn use what they’ve learned to help customers solve problems they might have.

 2.Serve your employees like customers– Your employees are your most important asset, as they are the people who work with your customers on a daily basis. Therefore, you should treat problems or questions your employees might have the same way you want them to treat your customers.

 Try spending a few minutes a month with each employee in a casual setting. If you take the time to listen to and address any problems your employees have and give them the resources they need to solve them, they will in turn do the same as they serve your customers.

 Simply put, the best way teach your employees the big picture is to work with them with the big picture in mind your self. Use the way you interact with them to set the example for customer service.

 Tomorrow’s post: Training Your Employees