Sample Content

Almost 75% of consumers unsubscribe from companies’ marketing messages because the content becomes boring and repetitive over time.

Consumers are much more savvy these days.   For marketing to translate into sales, your message must be unique, smart, appealing, and useful. If it’s not, you actually have a better chance of driving your clients away rather than influencing them to do business with you.

We constantly research topics we know interest your clients, prospects, and centers of influence.  We then present these topics in the medium (video, eBook, whitepaper, or landing page) that guarantees the highest view rate, positive feedback, and customer engagement.

Every message seeks to engage and enlighten your audience first, then sell second.  Its purpose is to draw the consumers’ focus away from premium and instead build brand awareness and loyalty with your agency.

Here’s some examples of the content included within the program:*

  • Common Insurance Claims & Prevention Tips
  • Answers to Common Insurance Coverage Questions
  • Protecting Family Photos and Other Digital Data
  • Importance of a Will
  • Baby-proofing your Home
  • Holiday Safety Advice
  • Networking Tips
  • Customer Service & Marketing Ideas


EBook: Insuring Your Valuables (Click on image to view a copy)

Ebook: 12 Time Management Tips
(Click on image to view a copy.)


Whitepaper: What’s My Limit?
(Click on image to see a copy.)

Whitepaper: 5 Tips for Remembering Names
(Click on the image to see a copy.)