Sales Automation

The key to effective marketing is delivering the right message in the right moment to the right customer.

This task is much easier said than done, though, as agency owners, salespeople, and service staffs are already overwhelmed with their daily responsibilities.

Lack of time, stress, and inexperience lead many agencies to simply use a shotgun marketing approach.  They send the same message to anyone and everyone in hopes the small percentage ready to buy happen to receive it.  For many, this is the only way they know how to market to their customers and prospects.

Now contrast that with a marketing system that:

  • Segments your audience (i.e. customers, prospects, and centers of influence).
  • Knows where each individual is in the buying process.
  • Sends individualized, persuasive content at the right moment, greatly increasing your chances of making the sale.
  • Is completely automated, requiring minimal effort from you and your staff.

Our system is designed to work with both personal and commercial lines clients.  Click here to find out how it works.