Niche Programs

The internet has dramatically changed commercial insurance.

Companies want to work with insurance agencies that specialize in their particular industry and the internet makes it very easy to find the experts.

If your agency already specializes in a particular niche or is thinking about targeting one, we can build the marketing foundation you need to set your agency apart.

Here are some of the services we can provide in developing your program:

Below are some of the most common questions we receive in regards to this program as well:

[toggle title=”Will you work with any agency?“] We know your agency creates niche programs to differentiate itself and stand out as an expert. This is why we will typically only work with one agency per niche in each state. That way you can feel confident your agency is bringing something unique and valuable to your prospects. [/toggle][toggle title=”Can’t I just hire my regular web design company to help our agency?“]We have been creating niche programs for years; our knowledge and expertise of the insurance industry will not only make your program stand out, but it means your agency doesn’t have to put as much effort into its creation. Your agency can focus on making money instead of creating programs from scratch. [/toggle][toggle title=”What makes your websites different?“]Our websites have been designed, tested, redesigned, and tested some more to ensure we maximize a visitor’s engagement with your insurance agency and brand. The sites have been constructed from the prospect’s point of view with an emphasis on valuable content, eye-catching design, and strong calls-to-action.[/toggle][toggle title=”Do certain niches work better than others?“] In our experience, the more targeted the niche, the more success you will have. For example, instead of just focusing on contractor insurance, we recommend narrowing it down to framers, roofers, or another targeted class.[/toggle]