Marketing Tip: Writing the Perfect Introduction

InboundWriter, a software company that specializes making your writing more SEO specific and friendly, recently released some tips to writing the perfect introduction.

As more agents are using blogs to interact with their customers we wanted to pass these tips along to you.

  1. Start with a statistic.  People love numbers and it’s a great way to draw them in.
  2. Ask a question.  “Did you know…” and other insightful questions also work great.
  3. Use a quote. Quotes are a fantastic way to draw people in, especially if the quote is relevant to your topic and from someone your audience will recognize.
  4. Be controversial.  By leading your post with a controversial statement, you can draw your reader in to see where you are going with the statement.   Make you use your entire post to building your argument for or against the statement.  Don’t just give it all away in the very next paragraph.
  5. Be funny.   Humor is a great way to capture attention, but it can be extremely difficult to do.  Avoid offensive jokes or too much sarcasm as that can turn your audience away.
  6. State a commonality.  In sales, one of the first things you try and do is find something in common with the prospect (hobbies, job duties, pains, stress, etc.).  Try to do the same thing in your writing.