Insurance Company Using Pinterest to Tremendous Success

You wouldn’t normally associate insurance with being visually engaging.  However, Petplan Insurance has found a creative way to use Pinterest to sell insurance – and they’re having tremendous success at it too.   

In fact, a recent article stated that in just one quarter, Petplan Insurance saw an “87 percent increase in new site traffic, a 35 percent increase in page views, and a 12.5 percent increase in insurance quote requests.”

According to CEO, Natasha Aston, “Our approach is to make relevant and easy-to-digest pet health information available in a visually compelling format.  This helps us engage with the pet-loving community on Pinterest, and achieve some of our broader strategic goals for driving explosive growth.”

Visiting Petplan’s Pinterest page shows you what a great job they’re doing at connecting with their consumers.

For example:

1. You have photos of the office celebrating a dog’s birthday:

2. Photos of some of their insured pets:

3. Photos of their offices showing their love of pets:

The photos not only create an immediate connection with existing customers, but new prospects are finding the company through re-pinned photos and articles.

The Pinterest page also serves another purpose – Petplan shares pet health information available on their company blog.  This leads consumers to their website and, for many, to receive quotes.

While insurance will always be a very hard industry to visually market, Petplan has found an ingenious way to do so and we’re very impressed with their efforts.

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