Insurance and Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Did you know that pay-per-click advertising for insurance-related terms accounts for almost 25% of Google’s AdWords Revenue?    The next closest term is “loans” and that accounts for only have of the revenue “insurance” generates.  This all according to a study done by WordStream.

Google is generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from insurance-related terms and many insurance companies and agencies are spending close to $75-$80 a click. For some companies this translates into spending hundreds of thousands of dollars every month on advertising.

Many agencies simply can’t compete on this kind of level.  Thankfully, there are ways to compete with the large spenders on pay-per-click advertising, but you have to be creative.

Here’s how: find searches related to insurance that are little more obscure, but still have people searching for them.  Yes, you might not have as many “impressions” (number of times your website shows up either on the top of right-hand side of a Google Search), but you can get the cost-per-click down to just a couple of dollars.

For example, if your agency specializes in commercial insurance, then try and find a term related to a niche or specialty market that you may like “insurance for contractors” or “restaurant insurance.”  By using terms like this I’ve been able to get over a 1,000 impressions a month at a cost of less than $20.00.