How It Works

67% of buyers indicate that consistent and relevant communication is a key influence in choosing with whom they do business.  

The crazy part is less than 1% of companies make a concerted effort to effectively communicate with and engage their consumers.

What is it?

We have developed complete marketing systems for insurance agencies guaranteed to engage your audience and brand your agency as an industry leader.   Through email, ebooks, videos, landing pages, and whitepapers, we will completely transform the way you interact with your consumers.

Every message is tailored around our Value Marketing concept, which means every message is focused on bringing value to your clients first and selling second.

Program Highlights:

While each of our marketing programs have unique features, they both share common components worth mentioning:

  • Consumers are constantly bombarded with marketing messages.  The trick is to get in, provide value, and get out.  Our written messages are designed to be read in less than 10 minutes and video messages are less than 90 seconds on average.
  • Our messages experience 3-4 times the open rate of standard marketing messages because we have researched, sampled, tested, and researched some more the perfect medium for delivering each message.
  • Every message is delivered at the optimum date and time, giving it the best chance of being seen and read.
  • Mobile devices have taken over as the preferred method for viewing digital marketing messages, so our content is designed to be viewed across any hardware platform.
  • Every message is delivered automatically.  All you have to do is upload your clients’ email addresses and put them in the right marketing track.

Unique Features:

Please take a look at each of our programs below to find out more about each program’s unique features.  (Click on either item for details.)

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Personal Lines

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Commercial Lines

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The personal lines marketing program is designed to effectively connect your agency with individual customers, prospects, and centers of influence.

Our marketing system uses email, videos, ebooks, whitepapers, and landing pages to impress your clients and set your agency apart.

Built within the personal lines marketing system are: (Click on each item for a detailed explanation.)
[accordion_pane accordion_title=”New Client Welcome Kits”]Less than 1% of companies send out welcome kits to new customers. Help eliminate buyer’s remorse by immediately engaging your new clients with a professional kit introducing your agency and staff.[/accordion_pane]
[accordion_pane accordion_title=”Cross-Sell Programs”]Study after study has shown the more policies you have with a customer, the higher your retention rate. Use targeted messages to automatically cross-sell missing lines of coverage to your existing customers.[/accordion_pane]
[accordion_pane accordion_title=”Referral Campaigns”]Customer referrals are the best way to generate new agency revenue. Our system automatically asks both new and existing customers for new referrals.[/accordion_pane]
[accordion_pane accordion_title=”Prospect Nurturing”]Acquiring new customers requires they become comfortable with your agency. To develop a relationship of trust, you have to consistently communicate with your prospects. Our system creates new quoting opportunities by nurturing the relationship and showing off your industry expertise.[/accordion_pane]
[accordion_pane accordion_title=”Client Engagement”]Customers want to work with companies they know, like, and trust. Our content is specifically designed to engage customers and generate loyalty.[/accordion_pane]
[accordion_pane accordion_title=”Lost Client Re-Energizers”]Every agency loses clients from time to time. Our system reaches out to lost clients and automatically searches for opportunities to bring their business back to your agency.[/accordion_pane]
[accordion_pane accordion_title=”Centers of Influence”]By showcasing your expertise on a variety of topics, including insurance, sales growth, social media, marketing, and networking you will develop relationships with business associates and create new opportunities for your agency.[/accordion_pane]
Our marketing program becomes even more successful when your agency incorporates its own photos, testimonials, and success stories because it allows your audience to connect on a deeper level. Find out more here.

Click here to see examples of the messages and content that will be sent.
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One of their biggest frustrations in insurance is effectively staying in contact with commercial prospects that don’t have a renewal coming up for 6, 8 or 10 months. Many agents have told us it is very difficult to prove their industry expertise and impress new leads prior to the initial meeting. To solve this problem we developed our commercial lines marketing system.

Niche Supremacy
Our commercial lines program is drastically different from any other marketing system. We work with your agency in an exclusive territory (see here for more details) to dominate one of the industries listed below.

Using our unique, industry-specific content, your agency can immediately engage new prospects.


Our targeted messages will:

  • Demonstrate Your Industry Expertise
  • Keep You Top-of-Mind
  • Differentiate Your Agency
  • Dramatically Increase Written Premium and Revenue


Available Industries:

  • Restaurants
  • Auto Repair
  • Construction
  • Attorneys (January 2013)
  • Accountants (February 2013)
  • Apartments/Condos (May 2013)
  • Manufacturing (July 2013)
  • Trucking/Transportation (July 2013)


Because we want your agency to stand out as an industry leader, we allow only 1 agency per class code in each territory. This guarantees your content will be unique and fresh.

Click here to see examples of the messages and content that will be sent.

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