Creativity Quiz

Stemming from last week’s posts about creative customer service and the proper ways to hire employees to accomplish this, I came across a quiz to measure your individual creativity from Mind Tools.  The quiz is only 16 questions long, but it can provide some very valuable insight into your ability to be able to creatively solve problems.

The quiz focus on 5 areas from the book “Creativity” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronoucned i-have-no-idea):

  1. Preparation – becoming immersed in problems and issues that are interesting and that arouse curiosity.
  2. Incubation – allowing ideas to turn around in your mind without thinking about them consciously.
  3. Insight – experiencing the moment when the problem makes sense, and you understand the fundamental issue.
  4. Evaluation – taking time to make sure that the insight provides sufficient value to outweigh the various costs involved in implementation.
  5. Elaboration – creating a plan to implement the solution, and following through.

In fact, the quiz will even break down the areas you are strongest and those in which you can improve.   I highly recommended taking a look at this if you are interested in improving your ability to creatively solve problems.

You can find and take the quiz here.