Changes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Insurance Agencies

For insurance agencies search engine optimization is vital to being found on the web.   In fact, insurance-related searches are the most searched item on the web, and paid advertising coming from insurance searches actually account for 25% of Google’s revenue.

About a year ago, there were some dramatic changes to searches that have insurance agencies and marketing firms scrambling for more information. Google rolled out secure search as the default setting for authenticated Google users.  This means that anytime a user is logged into a Google product (Gmail, Google Docs, or Google+) and performs a search, the search is encrypted and not passed along to the publishing site.

The problem with secured search is that it makes it really difficult for companies to know how and where their visitors are finding them.

Google’s secured search does not allow you to see where your website’s traffic is coming from.

As of right now Bing and Yaoo are still providing all keyword data analytics.

Keywords will still remain of vital importance and the primary way your consumers will find your site online.  However, your agency must now incorporate organic and paid search as just one step in a large multi-level marketing plan.