Our Beginnings:

Goma Marketing started as an idea a number of years ago when company founder, Aaron Johnson, noticed a number of frustrations he had managing an insurance agency. As a former producer and sales manager, Aaron found that when he created effective websites, presentations, engagement campaigns, blogs, and marketing material, he could close more sales and sign more Broker of Record letters than he ever thought possible.

What Aaron also discovered in the process was that he was much more passionate about creating these tools than selling insurance, which led him to create Goma Marketing.

Our company now consists of passionate, creative, and innovative individuals focused on taking insurance agencies’ marketing efforts to the next level.

Company Values

Our company was founded on certain values that are very important to us.

We’ve listed the values below so you know who we are and what we believe in as a company.

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[toggle title=”Friends First”] We are friends first, coworkers second. We will have fun inside and outside of the office to create strong relationships that can withstand stressful situations.[/toggle][toggle title=”Right Fit”] Many skills can be taught, but you can’t force someone to fit in. We hire people who have the skills to propel us forward and who fit into the mindset, attitude and environment we have created.[/toggle][toggle title=”Trust”]We hire talented, innovative and responsible people, and then we get out of their way. [/toggle][toggle title=”Work Is Fun”]We work hard, but we also play hard. While there may be stressful moments, we will create an environment where employees enjoy each others’ company. Employees will be rewarded for their contributions, and we will make sure they understand their efforts are appreciated. [/toggle][toggle title=”Ubuntu”] “A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, based from a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole…”

We will only hire employees who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We want employees who are looking to achieve greatness by continually seeking to improve the company, their customers’ lives, and even their own lives.[/toggle][toggle title=”Proactive Customer Service”] We will not wait to merely react to customer concerns and service issues. Rather, we will strive to actively find potential customer concerns and resolve them before they ever turn into problems.[/toggle][toggle title=”Creativity”]We take great pride in our creativity. To truly be an innovative marketing company, it’s vital that every employee continually search for inventive solutions to both existing problems and future or unseen ones. Thinking outside the box is not only encouraged, it’s expected. Standard, run-of-the-mill solutions are not acceptable. We will provide fresh, imaginative marketing designs and content to propel us forward. [/toggle][/one_half][one_half_last][toggle title=”Great Ideas are Just That – No Matter Who They Come From”] Any idea, concept, system, or solution that will improve the company, customers, or employees in any way will be implemented as soon as possible.[/toggle][toggle title=”Growth, Learning, and Sharing are Part of the Job Description”]Every employee is expected to continually learn, and they are encouraged to share their expertise through open forums and discussions. [/toggle][toggle title=”Open Communication”]Employees have the right to participate in the direction of the company. We will strive to have open and honest discussions with all employees, vendors, and clients. [/toggle][toggle title=”Job Titles are Irrelevant”] Job titles mean nothing. While each employee will have specific duties, we are all expected to contribute in whatever way necessary to help ensure success.[/toggle][toggle title=”Urgency”]We will operate with a sense of urgency, never accepting the status quo. We will not rely upon past success, but rather continually adapt our goals, plans, and ideas to changing market conditions. We will strive to never put off until tomorrow what can be accomplished today. It’s important to note urgency does not mean rushed. Careless, sloppy, and shoddy work is not acceptable. [/toggle][toggle title=”Always Keep Score”] We will achieve our goals, and every employee is expected to contribute however necessary to ensure they’re met. We will not compare ourselves to other companies, but we will focus on our continual improvement.[/toggle][/one_half_last]